Atelier Kawahira


Masao Kawahira runs the Kawahira family business from the town of Misumi, Shimane Prefecture. The family grow rice in summer, and make Sekishū washi paper from the fibres of kōzo shrubs in winter. He originally worked in a shipyard near Hiroshima, but then began to make paper at his parents’ workshop. He has spent time in Bhutan as a papermaking teacher and is chairman of the Sekishū-banshi Craftsmen’s Association.

Isao Kawahira worked as an auctioneer at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. He came back to Misumi to take up the family tradition and continues it with a great sense of mission.


Misumi, Hamada, Shimane Pref.

Used materials

Kōzo, mitsumata, neri


Washi for multiple purposes