Chiyozuru Sadahide Studio


Chiyozuru Sadahide II, born Iwao Kanki, bears this craftsman name in the second generation of the forging line of Chiyozuru, known for their high-quality blades (kanna) for Japanese wood planes. He learned bladesmithing from his father, Chiyozuru Sadahide. Chiyozuru Sadahide III, born Naoki Morita, was honoured in 2019 to officially continue the name in the third generation, after more than fourteen years of working with his master.

The name Chiyozuru originated with Hiroshi Katō (1874–1957), a great craftsman renowned for forging planing knives during the Shōwa era (1926–1989). His swordsmith ancestors had served the Uesugi samurai clan for centuries.


Miki + Ono, Hyōgo Pref.

Used materials

Iron, steel


Planing knives, woodworking knives, collector’s items