Latticework and Cabinet Maker

Takao Tate is the director and the second generation of the family business TATEMOKU, which manufactures high-quality wood furnishings in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture. They are also specialists in kumiko latticework, which has a long-established role in traditional Japanese architecture. Toshihiko Tate is the grandson of the company founder and runs the daily business of TATEMOKU.

Founded in 1948, the company initially manufactured magewappa, steam-bent wood products originally from Odate in Akita Prefecture. Later, with around twenty to thirty employees, they produced house altars and kumiko latticework. At present, around seven employees manufacture wooden products for the company-owned shop in Tsumago, an important tourist destination not far away from the workshop, and construct newly designed interior projects for Tree to Green, among others.


Nagiso, Kiso, Nagano Pref.

Used materials

Hinoki, Kiso Valley trees


Latticework, interior objects