Tree to Green

Interior Designer and Cabinet Maker

Yusuke Aono is president of Tree to Green, a company from Tokyo committed to a more sustainable use of Japanese wood resources. Trained as a lawyer, he worked in the banking, consulting and energy sectors before co-founding Tree to Green in 2013. The company offers lifestyle products and interiors made of wood as well as workshops and business consulting in a wide range of fields, including support for childcare facilities.

Takanori Kosegi is co-founder of Tree to Green and director of products and woodworking workshops. He grew up in the Kiso Valley and rediscovered his connection to the nature of this important woodworking region during his studies in Tokyo.

Hideo Kosegi, Takanori’s father, has worked in the wood industry for many years and has been a director of Tree to Green since 2015. He also continues to run the Kosegi Mokko family business in the lower Kiso Valley.


Tokyo + Kiso, Nagano Pref.

Used materials

Hinoki, Kiso Valley trees


Lifestyle objects, interiors