Yamaichi Ogura Rokuro Crafts

Wood Turner

Kazuo Ogura runs the family business Yamaichi Ogura Rokuro Crafts, a wood-turning company in a valley in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture, in the fifth generation. As a young man, he made up his mind to take over the company from his parents one day. Their work was successful and he wanted to continue the long family tradition.

The company manufactures various products of the local Nagiso rokuro zaiku from solid wood – mainly hardwood. Besides the lathed goods, it manufactures high-quality furniture ranging from Japanese living-room cupboards and chairs to large tables, all made with classic carpentry techniques from solid wood. Including Kazuo Ogura, four craftsmen and two craftswomen master the process steps from selecting the wood and turning the full wooden block on the facing lathe to the finished, often urushi-lacquered, product.


Nagiso, Kiso, Nagano Pref.

Used materials

Various hard woods


Tableware, kitchenware, furniture